Annual Conference Associazione Donne&Scienza
20-21 settembre 2018, Pisa

Quest’anno la conferenza annuale 2018 dell’Associazione D&S ha per tema le molestie in università e ricerca. La conferenza è co-organizzata con EPWS, European Platform of Women Scientists, e avrà respiro internazionale. Ulteriori dettagli verrano pubblicati su questa pagina.


Gender-based violence is widespread in every place, every culture, every geographical area and every social class. The scientific and academic fields are not exempt from this phenomenon, and indeed, violence, marginalization, discrimination and other forms of abuses against women are as frequent as elsewhere. A particular aspect of this violence is sexual harassment , which includes attitudes put in place in individual terms, suffered specifically by individuals and operated by individuals or groups. These may be physical, moral or social, although in the vast majority of cases these are attitudes, words or actions done predominantly by single men on single women (single in the sense, unfortunately, of one at a time), and who are individually endured.

It is necessary to take steps forward that lead to quantification, awareness and to the activation of a mechanism, especially social, which will finally bring to a solution. It is a long journey, but in this historical moment, it is not only possible, but a duty and almost ‘easy’ to start, following the example of many other women in several fields.

What do we know about harassment in other European countries? Most of the episodes reported in scientific journals refer to the USA. Do we want to believe that the situation is better in Europe? Or maybe in the old continent it is still preferable to keep the problem under wraps?

‘Prevention is better than cure’, this is why we need to know the terms of question we are facing to put in place the right tools for prevention. Having a clear picture is also necessary to be able to say tomorrow that prevention has worked. But until prevention is sufficiently effective, we need to find ways to address the problem.


The Conference, co-organized by Donne e Scienza and the European Platform of Women Scientists EPWS, is subdivided in three sessions, with invited talks and selected presentations. It will also be possible to present a poster.

  1. What do we know: in Italy, Europe and abroad
  2. How to address the problem: solutions
  3. How to address the problem: prevention.

Download the  Provisional program



We encourage submissions that address the theme of the conference. In particular:

  • prevalence and distribution of sexual harassment;
  • legal frameworks;
  • positive actions against all kinds of harassment at workplace;
  • ombudsperson activities and experiences;
  • recommendations and training to prevent and respond to harassment and sexism in the lab;
  • other topics related to the conference theme.

A maximum of 20 minutes will be allowed for each presentation during the sessions. Presentations can be in English or in Italian.

Abstracts (max. 500 words) must be uploaded via the EasyChair:

The deadline for abstract submission is 15 July 2018.  DEADLINE POSTPONED TO 22 JULY!!
Authors will be notified about acceptance by 31 August 2018.

After the Conference, authors might be invited to submit a paper to be published in a dedicated monograph.


Registration for  members of D&S and EPWS is free of charge within 10 September 2018.
Registration for non members: 30 € within 10 September 2018
After 10 September 2018 all participants will be charged 50 € 

Please download the Registration form (in English or in Italian) and send it to


Sveva Avveduto – IRPPS CNR; Donne & Scienza
Silvana Badaloni – Ingegneria Univ. di Padova; Donne & Scienza
Claudine Hermann – EPWS
Lucia Martinelli – MUSE; Donne & Scienza
Giuliana Rubbia – INGV;  Donne & Scienza
Monica Zoppè – IFC CNR;  Donne & Scienza


Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche. Italy
Scuola Normale Superiore, Pisa. Italy
Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique. France
MUSE, Museo delle Scienze, Trento, Italy
INGV, Istituto Nazionale di Geofisica e Vulcanologia, Italy