Documentazione istituzionale

Di seguito, in ordine cronologico, i documenti, i report, gli atti delle conferenze, le statistiche su genere e scienza pubblicati nel corso degli ultimi anni dalla Commissione europea e da altre istituzioni.

Commissione europea

1999: Commission Communication (COM – 76 final): Women and Science: Mobilising women to enrich European Research

1999: Council Resolution on Women and Science (1999/C 201/01)

2001: Commission Communication (Com-2001 – 714 final) “Science and Society: action plan”.

2001: Council Resolution on Science and Society and Women in Science (2001/c 199/01).

2001: Commission staff working paper “Women and science: the gender dimension as a leverage for reforming science” SEC(2001) 771.

2003: Directory of Networks of Women Scientists

2005: Commission staff working document ”Women and Science: Excellence and Innovation Gender equality in science”. SEC (2005) 370.

2005: Commission recommendation on the European Charter for researchers and on the Code of Conduct for the recruitment of researchers. C (2005) 576 final.

2009: An European partnership to improve the attractiveness of RTD careers and the conditions for mobility of researchers in Europe

2010: Stocktaking 10 years of “Women in Science” 1999-2009

2011:  Summary Report of Public Consultation on the Future of Gender and Innovation in Europe 

2012: Manifesto for Integrated Action on the Gender Dimension in Research and Innovation

2012: Women and Science: Excellence and Innovation – Gender Equality in Science

2012: Meta-analysis of gender and science research – Synthesis report

1993: International Workshop “Women in Science”, Proceedings by H.A. Logue & L.M. Talapessy

1998: International Conference “Women and Science”, Proceedings: A. Colosimo & N. Dewandre

1999: International Conference “Networking the Networks”

2000: International Conference “Making change happen” Proceedings: A. Colosimo, B. Degen and N. Dewandre

2001: International Conference “Gender & Research”, Proceedings: L. Maxwell, K. Slavin and Kerry Young

2011: Gender summit, final programme

2013: Gender Summit Report

2000: ETAN Report: Science policies in the European Union: promoting excellence through mainstreaming gender equality

2002: The Helsinki Group on Women and science – National policies on Women and science in Europe.

2004: Enwise Final Report “Waste of talents: turning private struggles into a public issue

2004: Gender and excellence in the making. Workshop “Minimising gender bias in the definition and measurement of scientific excellence”, Florence 23-24 October 2003

2006: Women in Science and Technology – The business perspective. WIST Report

2006: Structural changes – Final Report

2008: Benchmarking policy measures for gender equality in science

2008: Mapping the maze: getting more women to the top in research

2009: Gender Challenge in Research Funding – Assessing the European national scenes

2009: Women and Science – The march towards equality, research*eu, special edition April 2009

2009: Women in Science and Technology – Creating sustainable careers

2009: Monitoring gender equality in FP6

2010: Masis

2003: She Figures: Women and Science – Statistics and indicators

2006: She Figures: Women and Science – Statistics and indicators

2009: She Figures: Women and Science – Statistics and indicators

2013: She Figures: Women and Science – Statistics and indicators

Parlamento Europeo
2000: Women and science A5-0082/1999
European Parliament Resolution on the Commission Communication (COM – 76 final):
Women and Science: Mobilising women to enrich European Research

2008: Women and science A6-0165/2008

Altre istituzioni

MIT Report, A study on the status of Women Faculty in Science at MIT, 2000

UNESCO World Science Report 1996: The Gender dimension of Science and Technology. Sandra Harding & Elisabeth McGregor

UNESCO Papers on higher education:
Guidelines for promoting Gender equity in Higher education in Central and Eastern Europe Mihaela Miroiu (2003)

UNESCO Science and Technology for Development Series:
Science, Technology and Gender – An International Report (2007)

EMBO reports:Women in science – The way foreward

OECD Women in Scientific Careers – Unleashing the Potential (2006)
Published by: OECD Publishing.

Beyond bias and barriers. Fulfilling the potential of women in academic science and engineering (2007)
National Academy of Sciences, National Academy of Engineering and Insitute of Medicine

AAUW (American Association of University Women)

Gender Differences in Educational Outcomes: Study on the Measures Taken and Current Situation in Europe

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