Cartographies of Sensation. Between emotion, feeling and affect in art, philosophy and science

14 to 15 November 2008 • Wien

In recent years sensation and its molecular aspects – emotions, feelings
and affects – have created a new intersection of artistic, philosophical
and scientific practices. At the centre of this new area of
interdisciplinary research lies a materialistic conception of the
relationship between mental and physical phenomena according to which
sensations depend on brain processes.
The conference will explore cartographies of sensation between affect,
feeling and emotion that draw equally on recent developments in science,
philosophy and art. In this sense its orientation will be
inter-disciplinary. The conference is organized into three panels, each
of which will contain an artist, a philosopher and a scientist. Each
panel is organized around a different theme, constituting the terrain it
will map.
Panel 1: Sensations and the Body Brain

This panel intends to explore how sensations operate on and through the
body. Sensations produce relationships between aggregates, on
microscopic and macroscopic levels.

Andreas Fraunberger Videoartist/Theorist
Patricia Pisters Philosopher, Filmtheorist
Ignacio Vallines Psychologist

Moderator: Stephen Zepke

Panel 2: Human and non-human aggregates – Political Technologies

Here the role of sensation will be examined in the extension of the
body’s natural frontiers through its interface with technological devices.

Tyyne Claudia Pollmann Conceptual Artist
Franco Berardi Bifo Mediatheorist
Flavia Zucco Molecular biologist, Human_and_non-human_aggregates

Moderator: Claudia Mongini
Panel 3: The creation of beauty

Sensation will be discussed in this panel as an encounter between the
self and the world, with beauty being the result.

Gerhard E. Winkler Composer
Maria Reicher Philosopher
Reinhold Bertlmann Theoretical Physicist

Moderator: Otto Neumaier

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