About Us

Association Associazione Donne e Scienza is a non-profit cultural organisation that gathers women scientists working at Higher Education Institutions and Public Research Organisations in Italy.  Disciplines vary from physics and engineering to biology and chemistry, and include also social sciences,  education, ICT and scientific journalism. Associazione Donne e Scienza promotes women’s participation in scientific research […] Read More

Our Aims

   to promote women’s participation in scientific research, to build an Italian network of women in research in order to facilitate the communication about projects and activities and the circulation of information;  to collect documents and information regarding the situation of women in research institutions, regulation and policies; to promote research, organize conferences and other […] Read More

How to subscribe

Membership procedure Download the form, fill it, and send it to  donnescienza@gmail.com. In case of positive reply proceed with payment. Fees Subscription implies participation to the activities of the Association and an annual fee of 50 Euros (ordinary subscription), 25 Euros for women under 35, 100 Euros for supporting members. Bank Account Associazione Culturale Donne e Scienza […] Read More

Le molestie come scorrettezza scientifica

Anche la rivista Nature si dedica alla questione delle molestie in ambito scientifico, e ospita un servizio in cui propone che le molestie sessuali vengano considerate come altre forme di scorrettezza scientifica, quali i plagiarismi ed altre forme di cattiva condotta.